Civilization Has Arrived- True-Life Story

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Civilization Has Arrived- True-Life Story
Civilization Has Arrived- True-Life Story

Civilization Has Arrived is a True-Life Story based on my grandmother who stayed in Lukhnow. If you like the story don’t forget to follow us.

When nature closes it’s doors to mankind,

you will know that

civilization has arrived

– Ipshita Bose

In a city of high-rise buildings, lay a small single-story house with a cozy garden. The small handkerchief garden was laid out with a lot of love. Small terracotta and porcelain artifacts told of personal touches, flowering gardenias in old mosaic pots and bougainvilleas formed a screen on the boundary walls.

On the verandah lay a rocking-chair. Hung from the roof were a few wicker baskets in which pigeons built their nests.

Her beauty had mellowed with age, soft and serene

An old lady sat on the rocking chair. Her beauty had mellowed with age, soft and serene.

She was scattering bird-feed and grains to a flock of birds- sparrows, bulbuls, turtle-doves and pigeons.

There were some squirrels skittering about competing with the birds for the nuts and grains.

The old lady sat there the whole day feeding the birds , contended and happy in her memories of other days.

Then one day, her son and daughter arrived with her grand children. Initially, she was very happy to see them. Then she learned that they had come to take her with them to live with them permanently.

Civilization Has Arrived- True-Life Story
Civilization Has Arrived- True-Life Story

With them came a stranger, she learnt later he was a promoter. He wanted to buy the house and build a set of residential flats in its place.

She had to sign the papers and bid farewell to her beloved garden and feathered friends.

The house was closed down. Weeds grew in the garden. The bird bath ran dry. The birds came in vein looking for grains. They could not find the benign old lady.

They had not taken the rocking-chair with them, it was too cumbersome.

The birds perched on the chair and twittered. Some pigeons were still there nesting in the wicker baskets. It was very silent and sad.

The promoter’s men had arrived to pull down the house- Civilization Has Arrived

Then suddenly one day, after the rains, there was clattering noise of machinery and the clamor of many people. The promoter’s men had arrived to pull down the house.

They cut down the date-palm tree which had housed so many birds and squirrels, trampled the terracotta ornaments in the garden with their heavy, careless boots and threw away the bird-bath.

Then came a mechanical dinosaur, with iron jaws, and long grabbing arms. The noise was frightful!

The birds flew helter-skelter. The squirrels scurried for shelter.

The air was hazy with dust arising from the heavy wheels of the mammoth giants. The screeches and thuds were deafening, as they pulled down the building with long clamps.

The civilization had arrived.

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Civilization Has Arrived

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