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Here are some Awesome Collections of Quotes 2020 by Incidental Short Stories.

The best quotes on love, relationship, and life. You may also find Inspirational quotes, and quotes on sarcasm.

The reason why we started presenting to you these quotes was because we realized, quotes have the power to say what sentences can’t

Let Your Words Flow

So if you are in or out of love.

If you turn speechless when you meet your heartthrob.

If you have been carrying the weight of a dead relationship on your heart for too long.

Whether you have grievances on someone, or you have just come to terms with life.

If you want to share your thoughts and experiences with others.

The world is waiting to hear you out.

The easiest way to express yourself

Let yourself loose. Pick up words that match your thoughts from the gallery of Incidental Short Stories and put it up on the dashboard of your heart for others to read.  Sometimes it is better to say it out loud than remain silent. You know why?

Because,  it saves you from heartache and others from a heart attack.

Read some of my favorite quotes from the gallery and you are free to use it at your discretion. Let me know what you feel at the comments section and do not forget to share, subscribe, and follow my blog. There are many more precious pieces of gems coming your way.

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Every day when we wake up we grope for words to wish others have a blessed day. When we see our loved ones in pain we search words that could help them recover. Words have the power to do miracles. The right words said at the right time to the right person can give us a fairy-tale ending. Words help us unburden ourselves when we are overloaded with problems.

They help us tell others what we feel for them. They help rebuild a person from scratch, mend our relationships, and get us out of self-guilt. Words can spare us from a lot of pain and misery.

But the problem is we as humans do not say what we are supposed to say and half the time we keep our feelings to ourselves.

The reason why we choose to stay silent

I realized the biggest reason why we stay silent when we are not supposed to be is that we are scared. We are scared we will end up choosing the wrong words that would mess up. In no way we want to hurt our loved ones, lose our jobs or make a fool of ourselves in front of others.

We are scared because we are aware of the power of words. So we prefer silences more than misusing words.

But have you ever imagined the repercussions?

Silences Can Be Devastating

Silence is worse than words. Words can be mended. We can stand and say we are sorry for what we said. We can explain to a person that what we said was not what we meant, in case we land up touching the chord line.

But can we repair the damages caused by silences ever?

We are all living in a digital world where we are constantly developing new technologies.

Technologies that would help us reach out to others in milliseconds.

But, we have not yet developed a process where people can reach out to our thoughts through silences.

Isn’t it better to say it out loud than remain silent and burn within?

Have a thought.

Point of Action- Choose from the Best Collections of Quotes 2020

You must be agreeing with me but wondering how I do that?

Imagine how beautiful it would it be if someone would lay a platter of words in front of us to chose from.

And we have a free will to pick up words from that platter that match our thoughts to present to others.

That is exactly why Incidental Short Stories came into existence.

We realized how difficult and important it is to express ourselves.

Crisis Time

The year 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us because of the virus COVID-19.

The fear of death and social distancing norms has created miles of distances between our loved ones and us.

We are all sitting at home with a cloud of uncertainty hovering around our heads. There is a lot of soul searching going within and most of us have reached a point where speaking our minds have become a necessity.

Turning Point

I realized this is the best time I present to you my platter of precious gems at your fingertips so that you can use them and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Tell them what you feel for them.

We don’t know when we can get back to our normal lives, when can we meet the people who were once a part of our daily routines. We don’t know when we can hold hands again and walk miles looking into each other’s eyes.  

Don’t End Up Regretting- Pick up words from the Collections of Quotes 2020

If you are tired of the squabbles and want to start it fresh, this is the time.

In case you hate your job and pursue your passion, this is the time.

Avoid bidding goodbye to your loved one and watch them get married to someone else.

Enter the world of Incidental short stories and pick up words that will help you express yourself.

Here are some of the best picks from the Collections of Quotes 2020 

You can also read true-life stories and poetry in this blog.

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts in the comments sections so that I can come up with custom made quotes just for you.

Have a peek inside there is more in store for you.

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