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author profile- Contributor- Incidental Short Stories
author profile- Contributor- Incidental Short Stories

About The Author-Right from childhood words came easily to me. I am from a family of writers. I have been fed on stories and poems by writers like Sukumar Rai, Lewis Carol, and Ruskin Bond.

So, as I grew up my imagination started taking wings. By the time I was 20 I had become a full-fledged writer and a poet. At the age of 25, I moved to Delhi. I came in touch with Shankar and became a member of the children’s Book trust

With the passage of time, I realized that though a person ages in the body but the mind remains young.

We all seek to discover ourselves, each one in his or her own way. My search has not ended even at 70.

And the journey continues…

Early Life- Know more

She was born to an affluent family. Her father was a renowned businessman of his time. Her mother a homemaker. She has a brother who is intellectual in mind but an engineer by profession.

Family Details-About The Author

She tasted success at a very young age. She got married at the age of 35 to the man of his dreams.

Her husband Major Kalyan Bose was an army officer. So, she spent most of her life roaming with him in different parts of the country as a result she gathered insights and knowledge about Indian Culture.

Finally, at the age of 38, she was blessed with twins. A girl and a boy named Ipshita and Swagat Bose.

His son became an entrepreneur and daughter Ipshita started following her footsteps and created this blog. You can also read her work on this blog and share your feedback

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She has been a famous short story writer of her time and currently working on her first novel. We shall keep you updated once the novel is up for sale. You can also read her books on Amazon Kindle.

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