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  • Poem-Fairy- Tale Ending
  • Poem-Fairy-Tale Ending
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Read PoemFairy-Tale Ending on Incidental Short Stories. This poem is written by Ms. Manju Bose. She is a contributor to Incidental Short Stories.

We all grow up listening to fairy-tales and believing in them. But very few people have their belief fixed even after seeing the real world.

Poem- Fairy-Tale Ending
Fairy-tale Ending- Poem

Poem-Fairy-Tale Ending

Suddenly the angel of light changes,

Dimensions float around in,

Non-descriptive shapes,

Shadows fall on molding heaps,

The road takes a sharp bend,

And disappears in a void of silence;

I have traveled this road,

Many a time in my dreams may be,

Or on the pages of a fairy-tale;

Poem- Fairy-Tale Ending
Fairy-Tale Ending- Collection of Poems

Where the ugly giant,

Always loses the battle;

I have remained fixed,

In that moment of reckoning,

Slowly casting a net of,

 Positive unreality;

On all those pebbles of hard reasoning;

Shapes may change with changing images,

But the belief remains transfixed.

Written By- ms. manju bose

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