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Read Dying within & Poetry of life- Collection of Poems on Incidental Short Stories. This poem is written by Ms. Manju Bose who is a contributor in Incidental Short Stories.

There comes a time when we all start dyeing within. That is when we realize the value of life.

Dying Within- Collection of Poems
Dying Within- Poem

Dying Within- Collection of Poems

Trying to change the course of life,

Through empty words;

It is all a trick of lightening,

That changes the color of hills,

Vales and luminous trees;

I talk to my loneliness’,

Putting my darkness to sleep,

I sing a lullaby to the,

Rain-filled silences;

The fever dies in me, slowly,

And autumn descends on my thirsty lips.

Each star an epic of death,

Casting deep shadows,

 On long histories;

Poetry By Ms. Manju Bose
Poetry of life- Collection of Poems

Poetry of life

Misty mornings and a cup of tea,

The autumn leaves that redden to a fall.

You, me and the sheer poetry of living;                        

Written by Ms. manju bose

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