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  • The Girt Within Me
  • The Girl Within Me

Read The Girl Within Me on Incidental Short Stories. This poem is written by Ms. Ipshita Bose who is a creator of Incidental Short Stories.

One day when I was sitting in my hostel working on my own. I heard some girls giggling around in the corridors. That was when I wrote this poem and named it The Girl within Me

The Girl Within Me- Collection of Poems
The Girt Within Me- Poetry- By Ms. Ipshita Bose

The Girl Within Me– Poem By Ipshita Bose

I see myself locked in a room,
Neck deep in work,

 Struggling to survive;

Earning my bread in a closed building,

Sulking within myself,

For not getting enough,

Fighting for my necessities;


Then I see myself again,

Among the girls playing around in the dark corridors;

The sound of their laughter fills the silence of my room.

I find myself smiling on my own, running towards them.

Participating in their mischief;


Suddenly a cold wind wakes me up.

I find myself caged in my room.

Drowned in boredom, sulking helplessly;

My voice doesn’t seem to reach my soul,

The words I always wanted to share decide to stay within.

And I realize,

One can’t re-live their yesterday in today.

As my heart reaches out to those kids re-living my past in their present;

Wishing they never have to live my present in their future

Hoping they have a better present leading to a better future.

Written By- Ms. Ipshita Bose

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