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Read Morning Cobwebs- Collection of Poems on Incidental Short Stories. This poem is written by Ms. Manju Bose who is a contributor to Incidental Short Stories.

Early mornings bring with it self realizations that make us what we are today. Morning Cobwebs is small poetry about self-realization that will make you realize, that it is never too late, even if time has left his age marks on your body.

Morning Cobwebs
Poetry- Morning Cobwebs

Morning Cobwebs- Collection of Poems

Ephemeral dewdrops on,

Morning cobwebs;

Memories of other days,

Cold, misty, contentment,

Their effervescence enveloping,

My days and nights;

Not exactly there.

Yet always,


A dream-walk through life;

Believing this is reality,

Though I know I am not here,


The calendar turns its pages,

Poetry By Ms. Manju Bose
Morning Cobwebs- Poetry- Incidental Short Stories

Days fall off like autumn leaves,

Age knocking on my knees;

Snow settled on thinning hair,

Fine gossamer threads under the eyes;

Eyes that still dream of,

 Verdant valleys;

Small voices murmur,

In my mind,

It is not over yet,

Not yet;

You still have a young voice,

A glorious smile,

A quick tear!

Written By Ms. Manju Bose

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