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Read Faith & What if love steps in? Poetry on Incidental Short Stories. The poems are written by Ms. Manju Bose who is a contributor to Incidental Short Stories.

We all want love to enter our lives in some form or the other. Ever since we are born our parents tell us to have faith in love. To keep our doors and windows open for love to enter someday.

What if one fine morning we wake up to find that love knocked at our doors and we were not awake to let them him in?

 Faith & What if love steps in?
Faith is like a young child

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Poetry Faith

Faith is like a young child,

Always demanding more attention,

Follows you around on muffed feet,

Speaking to you in dark,

Caverns of gloom;

Silently touching your arm,

When you are groping around blindly;

Leave all your doors and windows open,

You never know from which,

Crevice or corner;

He will suddenly walk-in,

And flood you with the,

The warmth of living!

Written By Ms. Manju Bose
 Faith & What if love steps in?
Love came this morning but I locked him out

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What if love steps in without notice?

Love came in small drops of,

Sparkling moments;

Whimpering outside my window,

Scratching on the misty panes asking to be admitted;

I turned my face to the wall,

Bemoaning my desolation;

Blaming God and the world for,

My helpless loneliness;

My loud sobs drowning the,

Gentle tapings;

Faith & What if love steps in?
I locked love out this morning

When I opened the door next morning;

My garden was awash with,

The golden glow of joy;

For love had touched,

Every petal, every blade of grass;

And written bold and large,

On my doorstep;

“I came…

But you locked me out;

Poem Written by Ms. Manju Bose

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