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  • The proposal- She Vs He
  • The proposal- She Vs He

She Vs He is a Cartoon Series made by Incidental short Stories. It indicates the nature of people and the way they react to different circumstances.  It is full of humor and sarcasm. If you like the series please like share and subscribe Incidental Short Stories and share your feedback about this Cartoon Series in the comments section. We would be coming up with more such cartoon strips. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Apart from this we also have poetry audiovisual short stories and quotes in store for you. Explore the blog and let us know what you like most about the blog.

The Proposal

The proposal is the first episode of a comic series named “She Vs. He” started by Incidental Short Stories in the year 2020. If you like the series please tell us in the comment section. This is for your information that the characters and incidents in this series are a complete work of fiction. In case you find any relevance it is pure coincidence.

Cartoon Series-She Vs He- The Proposal

She- “what is your job?”

He-“I have a scheme.”

She- “what is that scheme?”

She Vs. He- The Proposal- Cartoon Series
She Vs. He- The Proposal

He- “Pay me 1000, And I will tell you in detail about that scheme. You can also sell the scheme to others and make money.”

Comic Series
She Vs. He- The Proposal- Cartoon Series
She Vs. He- The Proposal

She- “OK, here take the money, and tell me more about the scheme.”

He-“ I made my first sale today, You are my first customer.”

Cartoon Series

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