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The day I Met God- story about a little Hindu girl who met God in the form her Muslim Mathematics teacher.

There is someone up there who is taking care of you.  I’ve heard my mother saying this to me often. I hated standing in the prayer line when I was in school. The Prasad attracted me more than hymens. 

But, whenever I used to hear the sounds of azans (a prayer song for Muslims), or even the sounds of bells and shanks from a distance I felt at peace.

I used to barely pass my subjects. I was 15 waiting for my class nine results to come out.

Dad told me to answer only if I was confident, about what I was writing.

When I sat for my math examination, I realized that I was unsure about almost eighty percent of the question paper.

I remembered what dad told me…

I remembered what dad told me and started answering the rest 20% that I was sure about. It took me 45 minutes to finish my paper.

I read the rest eighty percent of the questionnaire almost ten times but it did not crack any ice. I was equally clueless as I was in the beginning. So I surrendered.

I neatly wrote my name at the top of the paper, checked my sums, and deposited my paper.

Coming out of the examination hall after finishing my mathematics paper, was always the best moment of my life.

The school had this awful habit of publishing our answer sheets in front of our parents, just one day before the results.

Despite our prayers, the school continued the system.

So, just one day before my results, my tuition teacher visited my school on behalf of my parents.

When I entered the room in the evening, I saw her sitting on the couch kept in my room with a sulky face.

“What happened madam, you look sad?” I asked her.

She looked at me angrily and snapped. 

“Do you know you’ve scored 15 out of 100 in your mathematics paper?”

“I believe it’s 15 out of 20, not 100, because I attempted only 20% of the paper,” I mumbled.

What….??? She screamed at me.

Why? She asked me shocked at my answer.

“Dad said answer only if you are confident. I was unsure about the rest 80%” I replied looking at her, hoping my answer would satisfy her.

The day I Met God- story

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But she was furious she got up from the chair and walked towards the door.

She stopped at the exit and turned around.

“You are impossible..”

“Pray because only God can help you pass this time.” She screamed and left my room.

I sat there quietly I was scared- The day I Met God- story

The next morning mom and dad were getting ready to visit my school.

I was sitting in the temple inside our house with tears in my eyes.

The worst feeling is when you know you are going to fail, and still can’t do anything about it. I was helpless.

Mom entered the temple and came tip-toeing towards me.

“Don’t worry sweetheart God is with you”,

“Everything is going to be just fine”, she whispered in my ears and left the house along with dad.

I kept sitting in the mender with my eyes closed praying.

“Please God make me pass this time, I promise I would be more serious from the next time”

I kept repeating the same line in my mind. Hours passed. I kept chanting the same line sitting there with my eyes closed.

The day I Met God- story

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After a few hours, the doorbell rang.

I opened my eyes; my tears had dried by then.  I got up from the floor and reached for the door.

I saw mom and dad standing at the door. They turned towards me and smile on their face.

Mom entered and handed me the report card.

I looked at the score and smiled with relief as a tear rolled down my cheek.

My mathematics score was 45 out of 100- the-day-i-met-god-story

The bottom line of the result which read “Promoted to Class 10”, I was surprised.

I repeatedly saw the report card; to make sure I was not making a mistake.

I looked at my father with the report card in my hand. He hugged me in his arms.

“You passed darling he said hugging me tightly in his arms.

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The next day the school was closing down for semester breaks for a month.

I rushed through the corridor towards the staff room with the report card in my hand.

I saw Alam sir sitting in the room writing something on the piece of paper.

“May I come in?” I asked him.

“Yes dear, he answered warmly.

Sir was sitting on a chair correcting some papers.“I believe there has been some mistake sir because I attempted only 20% how did I score 45?”

“No dear, there has been no mistake. I know you scored 15 out of 100, I inflated your marks”  He answered calmly.

“But why…?” I asked him shocked

“Because mathematics is not your cup of tea, It has never been. You were always good with words and you have a long way to go.” He answered smiling at me.

“I had asked the management to assign you a sixth subject in class 10 so that even if you fail in Mathematics, it won’t hold you back, then He continued to say.

“The board will consider the best of five and you will pass easily.” He explained with a smile on his face.

I was speechless…- The day I Met God- story

“God bless you, dear, God is always with you, “He said getting up from his chair.

“Allah Rakhe, Khuda Hafiz (Good-Bye, God Bless)” He said putting his hand on my head and left the staff room.

I stood there watching him leave.

God comes in different forms to us whenever we are in need.  All we need to do is have faith in him.

That day I saw God coming to me in the form of a Muslim mathematics teacher, and he changed the course of my life.

Do you remember when God visited you?

Tell me your story.

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